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12 October 2005 @ 09:48 pm
Yep...So once again i am complaining about summer being over...I am happy it is fall and halloween is just around the corner but alot of things happened to me this summer that I will never forget. Thing that have either changed me or been a huge change in my life...Like how I felt when I first started dating jason. It was really exciting because we were hiding it. As bad as it was I really loved it when he came and picked me up after school and we would sneak off to sacrider hill. He would always sneak kisses when no one was looking. I also learned who my true friends were. I think i really established a huge part of my personality. I started hanging out with shelah more and more and then eventually all the time. I think we ("we" as in any one that would fit on the boat...grandma samons party boat if you will) were on the boat a good 3rd of the summer. Skinny dipping was great. Tiger Muskie were scary. I also met alot of great people this summer....*sigh*

I really remember all of songs that remind me of this summer. It almost makes me wanna cry. lol.

1. Crimson and clover-The Velvet underground
2. Celebrate summer with me-The Paybacks
3. List- The Fags
4. Fashion Zombies-The aquabats
5. Tangerine-Led Zepplin
6. We are all on drugs-Weezer
7. Naked pictures (of your mother)- Electric 6
8. Love Everybody- The Presidents of the United States of america
9. Lovesick-Madcap
10. Wolfshiem- Care for you
11. Bad Luck- Social Distortion
12. The spirit of radio- Rush

Yep...I definatly think that was the playlist of my summer....maybe I will make the playlist and burn it so i can pretend its summer all fall, winter, and spring...I guess the song would get pretty old after a while.
Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic
Current Music: Truly Truly(the fags)